September 6, 2005:
Updated Timed Recording Script by Roger Wilmut to work in Mac OS 9.2.2!

This fix was provided by Roger Wilmut to make his Timed Recording script also work on Mac OS 9.2.2.

You can download it from here.

March 23, 2003:
Updated Timed Recording Script by Roger Wilmut available for download!

Though development has stopped on Coaster, people are still using it, obviously! Roger Wilmut has created a cool, updated Timer Recording AppleScript for Coaster, which he kindly submitted for publication on my site. Thanks!

October 27, 2002:
Mac OS X statement regarding Coaster development

Many people have been asking for an OS X version of Coaster. To the right, you'll find my statement regarding the OS X future (or merely, the lack of :-( ) of Coaster.

July 25, 2001:
Coaster 1.1.3 released

This version only adds a "Repair Recording..." function to try to repair recordings that were not closed properly due to e.g. a system crash while a recording was in progress.

Download Coaster 1.1.3



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Coaster 1.1.3

Coaster is a little freeware direct-to-disk recording utility writing standard AIFF files. It features:

  • setting of input source, sample rate and sample size
  • mono/stereo selection
  • setting of hardware input gain (stereo where available)
  • accurate level meters with headroom indication
  • clipping detection
  • automatic recording based on incoming signal level with file splitting
  • manual file splitting on the fly
  • balloon help
  • basic AppleScript support (timer recording script included)

Requires a PPC processor and Mac OS 8.0 or later (Mac OS 8.5 or later recommended).


Statement: Coaster and Mac OS X

As you'll know, Coaster does not work in Mac OS X, not even in Classic. To change this, I'd need to do basically a complete rewrite for Mac OS X, which would then use CoreAudio. Unfortunately, I do not get the necessary (spare-) time for this - neither right now, nor in the foreseeable future. I am very sorry that this is so.

Several kind people have offered to pay for an OS X version of Coaster: thank you for the kindness. Now that I work full-time on Mac OS X myself, something like Coaster would come in handy at some times for me, too...


There are some alternatives out there I know of (and probably many I do not know of) like Sound Studio 2, Amadeus II, AudioX, Spark ME ... Just do a search on VersionTracker. If you have found a favorite OS X replacement, let me know and I'll include it in the list. Anyway, there will be a lot more very soon, I think - CoreAudio is catching on and the rough spots get ironed out.

Thank you!

So, you will be using different software on Mac OS X, and you'll see popping up better software than Coaster probably was for many of you! So, I'd like to say thank you to all who have helped making Coaster what it is, and thank you for all the very kind mails you kept and still keep sending in. It's always a pleasure to know that people are using one's software still successfully after all these years - yes folks: years!

While working hard on other projects, I'm still carrying around some ideas for new and useful software, and who knows: some time, I might get the time to... ;-)

Wishing you all the best and many happy recordings

Yours sincerely

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