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I'll list here tips and tricks that might be useful to take advantage of the full potential of Coaster. I'll also point you to features that are not so obvious at first look. This section is meant to complement the Coaster FAQ section - have a look there, as well!

Coaster "Hidden" Features

Manual Pre-Recording

You want to start recording at the beginning of a piece, however you don't know exactly when it will start? Then use the manual pre-recording feature. When you hold down the Option key while clicking on the Record button, Coaster also records roughly the 2 seconds worth of audio material that occurred before you actually clicked the button.

This way, it is enough to start recording when you hear the start of the piece you want to record, because you get the 2 seconds worth of audio before also and do not lose the initial attack. This is like the feature now found on most MiniDisc recorders.

Technically, Coaster maintains an internal ring buffer where (depending on sampling rate, number of channels and sample size) roughly 2 seconds of all incoming material is buffered, even if not actually recording. If you then push Record with the Option key down, Coaster flushes the complete contents of this ring buffer into the file before actually putting the current, new material into it.

Precisely setting Input Gain

If you have trouble setting the input gain sliders precisely with your mouse, now there are key commands available that increase/decrease input gain in steps of 0.01:

Increase left channel input gain
Decrease left channel input gain
Increase right channel input gain
Decrease right channel input gain

If you have Link L•R turned on, both sliders are moved in tandem.


Coaster Tips & Tricks

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