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Coaster Version History

Coaster 1.1.3 - July 25th, 2001

  • NEW FEATURE: Repair Recording. If a recording is not closed properly (e.g. due to a crash of the system during recording), you can now try to repair it using "File / Repair Recording...". Choose the latest temporary file Coaster was recording as the one to repair (you may rename if you like). A dialog appears to set the sound parameters; you probably will not need to change these (they are retrieved directly from the damaged file). Click "Repair" and the file should now be playable e.g. with QT Movie player. This has only been tested briefly - please let me know of any problems with this function!

Coaster 1.1.2 - August 4th, 2000

  • Coaster's AppleScript support was broken for all Coaster-proprietary AS commands, i.e. start recording, stop recording, open recording window, ... Oooops! (Introduced in 1.1).
  • Disabled "PM 6xxx/7xxx" warning dialog at launch time, since this would make automated recording via AppleScript impossible. There was no way to dismiss that dialog automatically. Just be aware that Coaster MAY(!) hang your machine during recording if you're using a PM 6xxx/7xxx machine or similar.

Coaster 1.1.1 - July 30th, 2000

  • Coaster wouldn't start on Mac OS 8.0/8.1 since these OS versions only have Appearance Manager 1.0.x, but Coaster was linked with AppearanceLib 1.1. Unfortunately, I didn't WEAK LINK that library, so you could not start Coaster on these machines. My apologies! (Introduced in version 1.1).

Coaster 1.1 - July 28th, 2000 (from this version on up PPC only!)

  • (Hopefully…) fixed a bug "Error -225" when opening the recording window.
  • (Hopefully…) fixed a bug where the Recording Window would not show on the screen on opening Coaster.
  • Added feature to phase-invert recorded channels (either none, the left one or the right one). This setting is NOT saved in the preferences on purpose to prevent accidental phase inversion. To set, click on the input gain slider titles on top; settings are cycled by clicking and phase inversion is indicated by prepending a minus "-" sign to the channel name.
  • Coaster is now PPC only. Sorry - any new features like the phase inversion exceed processing power of 68k Macs. However, 1.0.7b1 will still be available, which is a FAT binary if you need it.
  • Compiled with new MacZoop framework.
  • Recording Window now opens automatically on launch.
  • Included warning on startup for PM6xxx/7xxx users. Coaster won't run reliably on those machines due to an unresolved soft- or hardware conflict. (???)

Coaster 1.0.6 - August 9th, 1999

  • Fixed a bug (hopefully) where the FAT version would not launch on systems < Mac OS 8.5 reporting something like “The application "Coaster (FAT)" could not be opened because "InterfaceLib--PBXGetVolInfoSync" could not be found.”

Coaster 1.0.5 - August 8th, 1999

  • Fixed Bug where Balloon Help in the Recording Window would not always show properly/at all.
  • Reworked the "Send Email/Bugreport…" command under the Apple menu to now place a file on the desktop which you can attach to your email (instead of placing the profile onto the clipboard).
  • Fixed a bug where the recording destination folder would not be found on relaunch when you moved it in the hierarchy or renamed it or any of its parents. (Uh-oh - one should follow Apples's guidelines and NOT use absolute paths, but Alias records...)
  • Automatic Recording with the split action set to "Pause Recording" didn't work correctly. This has been fixed.

Coaster 1.0.4 - June 11th, 1999

  • NEW FEATURE: Added a "Send Email/Bugreport…" command under the Apple menu. This will gather important system information and provide you with instructions on how to paste them into emails you send me. PLEASE USE THAT FEATURE!
  • NEW FEATURE: When holding down the Option Key while starting a recording (e.g. by clicking the record button), the maximum preroll time available is used. So even if you are late in clicking the record button, you will get the 2 seconds of audio before that time (value for 44.1K/Stereo/16 Bit).

Coaster 1.0.3 - April 12th, 1999

  • Fixed bug where selecting maximum or certain other values of preroll in Automatic Recording would result in scrambled audio files (occurred only on stereo and/or 16 bit files).
  • Fixed bug where selecting maximum preroll doubled some recording portion in the beginning.
  • Improved performance for preroll feature. Now, 2.9 seconds of preroll work well on a 25MHz/68040 machine, whereas in earlier versions this would only work up to around 400ms without audio dropouts. If you plan to use long preroll times, make a test recording beforehand to check that your machine is fast enough.
  • Fixed bug where quitting Coaster would turn on PlayThrough and set maximum Input Gain, resulting in very loud, distorted sound coming out of your Mac's speaker and blowing your head off. [Thanks to M. Dicker]
  • Worked around a problem where the Split-Feature would sometimes not work on a Centris 650 (and probably others) with System 7.5.5 (or earlier; maybe also on later versions).
  • NEW FEATURE: (Left/Mono) Input Gain can be set using Cmd-Up/Cmd-Down keyboard commands.
  • Fixed some wrong ballon help messages.

Coaster 1.0.2 - March 27th, 1999

  • Fixed two memory leaks occurring after a recording.
  • Now, when there is too little memory to start the recording, an informative alert is displayed. Previously, recording simply didn't start (without any indication of the reason).
  • NEW FEATURE: New display: Number of recorded files during the current session. So you can see at a glance if Automatic Recording did what it should and created that many files as you intended.
  • Elapsed time reset to zero when a recording is deleted.
  • Remaining Time wasn't displayed correctly on volumes with more than 2 GB of free space. Now, this display works up to 4GB. Over 4GB, only ?:??:??:??? is displayed. I'll see if I can come up with a workaround in the future that works with more than 4GB of free space. (This intermediate fix only works an systems that support the PBXGetVolInfoSync() toolbox call!)

Coaster 1.0.1 - March 17th, 1999

  • I implemented strict asynchronous IO chaining. That is, at no time there is more than 1 pending entry in the async IO queue. This now is fully according Apple's advice. This was done in the hope that this'll fix the crashes when using the split feature occurring on some PowerMacs running Mac OS 8.5.x.
  • NEW FEATURE: The Recording Window now accepts drags from the finder (folders and files). The dragged (err, dropped...) folder is set as the recording destination folder. This should also work during recording, so that you can change the recording destination on the fly (in case the disk becomes full or whatever...).
  • Added Tutorial on setting the Automatic Recording Dialog settings appropriately.
  • Factored out the History from the Coaster Manual.
  • Added a short description for use on Download sites.

Coaster 1.0 (First official public release) - March 5th, 1999

  • FINALLY FIXED! Thanks to Adam Siegel, I finally discovered what prompted the paramErr (-50) when opening the recording window on some machines. The reason is a bug in Apple's(!) Sound Input Device Driver that returns bogus values. So far, this has been confirmed on PM7200 and PM7500. For these machines, I have provided a workaround (instead of stereo gain, I support only the functioning, "normal" gain setting which is equal for both channels - you can record in stereo, of course!). I do this by checking the machine Gestalt value. If you experience a similar behaviour on your machine this means it has also that buggy driver, but this is not yet known to Coaster. There is a simple procedure to make Coaster work on your Mac by adding an entry into the BUGs resource #1000. For detailed instructions on how your Mac can be added to the BUGs resource, please send an email indicating EXACTLY the model you are using. Instructions on how to modify Coaster will be sent to you as soon as possible, normally within one day. I need you to email me, as I must update my "buggy Macs" database with every known faulty Mac so that new releases already have the list 'built-in'.
  • NOT YET FIXED: reported crashes in file splitting on PowerMacs with OS 8.5.1. I have no clue...
  • Once again, setting the root volume as recording destination is correctly displayed and stored in the preferences. (This was broken in 0.9.9b)

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